East Side Access CS179

Systems Facilities Package No. 1

Project Details


Tutor Perini Civil
Prime Contractor
Contract Amount: $559 Million

Five Star Electric
Electrical Subcontractor
Contract Amount: $424 Million

NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority

New York, NY

GEC (PB/STV/Parsons)

12 Miles of Tunnels


Project Description

This contract provides for the design and build of electrical, mechanical, ventilation, and architectural work as follows: Electrical - communication systems, control systems, security systems, fire detection systems, power substations, metering equipment, switchgear, signal systems, lighting, public address systems, heaters, telephone systems, distributed antenna systems, data capture and reporting systems, traffic control systems, monitoring/maintenance equipment, and emergency generators; Mechanical - drainage pumps, fire standpipes, fire suppression equipment, and monorail/hoist equipment; Ventilation - fans, dampers, controls, and air conditioning systems; Architectural - doors, louvers, and handrails. Additional responsibilities include coordinating the work and requirements with those of the Long Island Railroad, Metro North Railroad, New York City Transit, New York and Atlantic Railroad, Amtrak, and New Jersey Transit. 

The project includes 12 miles of tunnels, 11 ventilation facilities, 62 communication rooms, 79 tunnel ventilation fans, 11 miles of fire standpipe, 13 electrical substations, 29 communication systems, 380 miles of conduit, and 760 miles of cable.


ESA CH053 (Harold Structures Part 1)
ESA CH054A (Harold Structures Part 2)
ESA CH057 (Harold Structures Part 3)
ESA CH061A (Michaels – Track A Cut & Cover Structures)
ESA CM005 (Manhattan South Structures)
ESA CM006 (Manhattan North Structures)
ESA CM007 (Grand Central Terminal Caverns)
ESA CM014B (Grand Central Terminal Concourse Facility and Fit-Out)
ESA CQ031 (Queens Bored Tunnels)

ESA CQ032 (Queens Structures and Plaza Substation)
ESA CQ033 (Mid Day Storage Yard)
ESA CS086 (Systems Package No. 3)

Photo Credits: NYC MTA