East Side Access CM007

Grand Central Terminal Caverns

Project Details


Tutor Perini Civil
Prime Contractor
Contract Amount: $663 Million

Five Star Electric
Electrical Subcontractor
Contract Amount: $85 Million

WDF Inc.
Mechanical Subcontractor
Contract Amount: $46 Million

Superior Gunite
Pneumatically Applied Concrete
Contract Amount: $14.60 Million

NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority

New York, NY

GEC (PB/STV/Parsons)

64,000 Track Feet


Project Description

This contract is for the fabrication and construction of the permanent Structural concrete lining of the previously excavated Grand Central Terminal area to accommodate the Long Island Railroad trains comprising the East Side Access project. Included also is all trackwork and third rail from the terminal to the Queens portal. Additionally, the installation of escalators, elevators, fire escape stairs and the architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical equipment and systems for same. 

The scope of work includes structural precast fit-out of two 1000-foot existing caverns with 830 precast beams, 844 precast panels, 694 precast walls, and 370 precast platforms.

Track work consists of 52,000 track feet of RTB Tieblock construction, 14,000 track feet of Direct Fixation construction, 64,000 linear feet of Contact Rail installation, 32 turnouts, 52 switches, double cross-over Construction, 35,000 cubic yards consisting of track bed concrete, traction Power, and signal conduit installation.

The architectural station fit-out with stainless steel wall panels; modular metal ceilings; Terrazzo, ceramic and stone flooring; glass enclosures; and stair and elevator fit outs.

Also included is 34,000 cubic yards of structural concrete, pneumatically applied concrete, demolition, excavation/backfill, and site restoration and tunnel rehab, MEP, facility power, lighting, SCADA, fire detection, communication, control systems, and security.


ESA 14B (Grand Central Terminal Concourse Facility and Fit-Out)
ESA CH053 (Harold Structures Part 1)
ESA CH054A (Harold Structures Part 2)
ESA CH057 (Harold Structures Part 3)
ESA CH061A (Michaels – Track A Cut & Cover Structures)
ESA CM005 (Manhattan South Structures)
ESA CM006 (Manhattan North Structures)
ESA CQ031 (Queens Bored Tunnels)
ESA CQ032 (Queens Structures and Plaza Substation)
ESA CQ033 (Mid Day Storage Yard)
ESA CQ039 (Northern Boulevard Crossing Tunnel)
ESA CS179 (Systems Facilities Package No. 1)