East Side Access CQ032

Queens Structures and Plaza Substation

Project Details


Tutor Perini Civil
Prime Contractor
Contract Amount: $264 Million

Superior Gunite
Pneumatically Applied Concrete
Contract Amount: $12.7 Million

WDF Inc.
Mechanical Subcontractor
Contract Amount: $8.84 Million

Five Star Electric
Electrical Subcontractor
Contract Amount: $7.3 Million

NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority

New York, NY

GEC (PB/STV/Parsons)


Project Description

This project consists of the temporary construction of: power; tunnel ventilation; tunnel drainage; water supply; lighting; dewatering systems; and barriers, guiderails, handrails, and fencing within the work area. The maintenance and protection of: vehicular and pedestran traffic; Amtrak; New Jersey Transit; Long Island Railroad;  New York and Atlantic Railroad traffic and infrastructure; geotechnical instrumentation; groundwater monitoring wells; overhead conveyors and power lines; signal troughs; and duct banks. The rehabilitation and modification of five railroad facilities which include: demolition; design and construction of excavation support; relocation of utilities; architectural features; and mechanical equipment. The construction of: five Con Edison power manholes; below grade interlocking structures; pump rooms, ventilation shafts; signal, switchgear, instrument, and mechanical rooms; and power substations. Also, the construction of above-grade substations; structures; and architectural finishes. 

This project included six miles of ductbench and tunnel rehabilitation, three buildings, 800-foot long underground track structure, rehabilization of 5 offsite track ventilation facilities.


ESA CH053 (Harold Structures Part 1)
ESA CH054A (Harold Structures Part 2)
ESA CH057 (Harold Structures Part 3)
ESA CH061A (Michaels – Track A Cut & Cover Structures)
ESA CM005 (Manhattan South Structures)
ESA CM006 (Manhattan North Structures)
ESA CM007 (Grand Central Terminal Caverns)
ESA CM014B (Grand Central Terminal Concourse Facility and Fit-Out)
ESA CQ031 (Queens Bored Tunnels)

ESA CQ033 (Mid Day Storage Yard)
ESA CQ039 (Northern Boulevard Crossing Tunnel)
ESA CS086 (Systems Package No. 3)
ESA CS179 (Systems Facilities Package No. 1)