Hudson Yards - Multiple Projects - New York, NY - Total: $2.4 Billion

About Tutor Perini

From a family company to an award-winning industry leader, Tutor Perini Corporation has built its decades-long heritage on a foundation of intelligence, intensity and integrity. Those qualities — and an unceasing commitment to project success — have driven our evolution into a leading civil, building and specialty construction company focused on large and complex projects. 

We’ve grown at a steady pace, organically and through the strategic acquisition of well-regarded organizations. Our family of companies share several important characteristics.

  • We’ve logged more than 120 years of experience building infrastructure for cities in the United States and around the world. Our companies laid railroads, electrified monuments, kept workers busy during the Great Depression and built the Interstate Highway Program. The industry intelligence we’ve cultivated through decades of good work translates directly to smarter solutions for our clients today.
  • Our clients count on us for multi-million and billion dollar projects. With those stakes, performance isn’t a goal — it’s a requirement. Over more than a century, we’ve honed the intensity, responsiveness and adaptability necessary to deliver on projects of this scale. From inventing a new pricing process that enabled Silicon Valley’s explosive growth to pioneering new material uses, we deliver innovative solutions that save our clients time and money.
  • We started as family companies, building reputations on trust, accountability and a can-do spirit. In fact, many of our team members are second- and third- generation employees. Integrity is at the core of our commitment to clients. They count on us to deliver projects of a world-building scale — on time and on budget. We don’t let them down.