UCLA CNSI Court of Sciences Building

University of California, Los Angeles - California NanoSystems Institute

Project Details


Tutor Perini Building Corp.
General Contractor
Contract Amount: $103 Million

University of California, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

Rafael Vinoly Architects

188,000 Square Feet


Project Description

The CNSI Court of Sciences Building is a 188,000-square-foot facility providing nanosciences research laboratories, laboratory support space, an auditorium, offices and conference rooms. Tutor Perini constructed the building, which consisted of demolition of existing structures, equipment relocations, site utilities, foundation drainage system, mat foundation, below-grade concrete walls and frame, backfilling, structural steel frame including decks and long-span trusses, building enclosure and roof steel stairs, and related mechanical, plumbing and electrical items.

The first three levels of the CNSI building were built below the Court of Sciences, adjacent to Parking Lot 9. The remaining four floors were built on top of the first three levels and the pre-existing parking structure. The two lower levels house engineering and low-vibration labs, along with an Integrated Molecular Systems facility and two clean rooms. The third level includes a loading dock and laboratory space for the Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging, which include facilities for bio systems and optical imaging. The fourth level acts as the main level and is open into the Court of Sciences. This main level has a 260-seat auditorium and enough floor space for an exhibition area, a seminar room, and administration offices. Right above the main floor, Levels 5 and 7 have a uniquely designed open lab space, sandwiching Level 6, which serves as an interstitial level capable of providing lab services and handling future laboratory growth.


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