Seminole Coconut Creek Casino Expansion & Parking Garage - Coconut Creek, FL - $120 Million


The greatest opportunity to control costs and accelerate schedules is long before the shovels hit the ground — in preconstruction. The more complex the project, the more critical the need. At Tutor Perini, we combine decades of experience with meticulous cost-tracking techniques to create a game plan that sets your project on the path to success.

The preconstruction team participates in budgeting, estimating, evaluations, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling, subcontracting, constructability reviews and more. Because timing is crucial, real-time information is a priority. Our estimators perform updates without delaying the decision process. Our software system integrates and communicates essential information in hours instead of days, and creates a dynamic work space where scheduling and estimating can be integrated into BIM models.

The result of this early strategic attention? A swift and streamlined processes that delivers the highest quality and the best value, all while reducing headaches for the client.