Fresnillo Vertical Belt - Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico

Equipment Manufacturing

At Tutor Perini, we build tunnels for highways, railroads, subways and rapid transit systems. We construct tunnels, shafts and other facilities for water supply and wastewater transport. We develop and equip underground mines for coal, salt, copper, gold and other minerals.

We know what it takes to build, operate and maintain these underground structures. The right equipment is essential in designing and installing innovative hoisting, elevator and vertical conveyance systems. Our capabilities include service, slope (incline), emergency escape and production hoists — everything it takes to transport personnel and supplies through vertical shafts.

We also offer custom-designed cages built from steel, aluminum or stainless steel to meet the needs of the underground environment. To transport mined materials from underground to the surface, our custom-designed vertical conveyor solutions accommodate lifts from 30 to 700 meters.