CVN Maintenance Pier Replacement

Naval Base Kitsap

Project Details


Tutor Perini Civil
Design-Build Contractor
Contract Amount: $140 Million

Department of the Navy

Bremerton, WA

KPFF Consulting Engineers


Project Description

This is a design-build project at CVN Maintenance Pier Replacement at Naval Base Kitsap in Bremerton, WA, demolished the existing Pier Bravo (60’ x 1200’) and designed and constructed a new ship repair wharf (85’ x 1325’), including the replacement of approximately 600 lineal feet of quay wall (Structure 729), the strengthening the 1000 lineal foot sheet pile wall west of the Dry Dock 6 mole, and the demolition of Pier 8 (60’ x 400’).

Included the installation of 500 plus 24” piles, piers and concrete decking with inlaid crane tracks.  The new aircraft carrier maintenance pier will be an improvement not only for work on modern nuclear-powered carriers such as USS John C. Stennis and USS Abraham Lincoln, but would put infrastructure in place for the next generation of aircraft carriers. The existing pier is 60 years old and too narrow to accommodate a crane and other equipment necessary for work on Nimitz-class carriers.