High Voltage Transmission Line Repairs

Project Details


Perini Management Services, Inc.
Prime Contractor
Contract Amount: $125 Million

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Middle East District

Hartha to Al Kut, Iraq

Tetra Tech, Inc.
Power Engineers

360 Kilometers


Project Description

Assessment and rehabilitation of 360 kilometers of 400kV transmission line in southeastern Iraq as part of the Restore Iraqi Electricity Program under a contingency contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project consisted of replacement of a majority of conductor cable along the line and replacement of 330 of the 730 lattice steel towers, and repair of many of the others. Security guards were provided to protect the equipment and installed work from sabotage, as well as to protect workers from hostile activities. The project was performed concurrently with four other projects under the program involving repairs to substations and turbine generators, and installation of two 63 MW power stations. 


Government Performance Evaluation - Outstanding

“The completion of the 360km Hartha to Kut high voltage transmission line, in particular, was a significant achievement as it was the longest power line, in the most remote area, and yet it was one of the first projects to be completed under the TF-RIE program.”
USACE Contracting Officer