I-80 West Approach to the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge

Project Details


Tutor Perini Civil
Prime Contractor
Contract Amount: $281 Million

State of California, Department of Transportation

San Francisco, CA

1 Mile


Project Description

Seismic safety retrofit work on the approach to the West Span of the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge from downtown San Francisco involved completely removing and replacing this one-mile multi-level stretch of Interstate 80 and six on- and off-ramps in its original footprint. This work occurred while more than 280,000 vehicles flowed daily in the midst of this essential construction.

To minimize disruptions to the neighborhood, and to keep the bridge’s traffic moving, the project was performed in a series of six elaborate stages, including a series of lane shifts, regular lane and ramp closures, and one partial bridge closure. Each of the six stages of retrofit work followed a carefully staged formula to meet seismic safety standards. A temporary structure was built and vehicles were rerouted to it. The old structure was then demolished, and work began on the new structure in the original footprint. Drivers were then rerouted back onto the completed replacement  structure, and the temporary structure was demolished.


Award of Merit - Metropolitan Transportation Commission 

Public Outreach for Lower Bay Bridge Deck Closure, Community Awareness, 2007 - California Transportation Foundation, Tranny Awards, 

Excellence in Partnering - Partnering in Motion, District 4 - California Department of Transportation 

“We are celebrating a milestone for one of the most crucial and challenging public works projects in California’s history. The mile-long West Approach requires mind-boggling construction and engineering feats. And I could not be prouder of our incredible workers who made this space of the bridge a reality, and not only a reality but a full seven months ahead of schedule.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former California Governor